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Choosing Christmas Cards For Friends

Things to consider when choosing Christmas cards for friends and family

Choosing Christmas cards is not always as easy as it may seem. Not if you want to send your friends and family cards they will actually like.

Consider these things when you next choose Christmas cards, however, and you could have the most successful year since you first began sending them out.

Serious or funny? — Start by considering each person you will be sending Christmas cards to, and think about their sense of humor. Do they laugh at the same things you do? Do they like plays on words, or goofy animal photos?

If so, choose a card that is likely to make them laugh. If you are not sure, choose a more traditional option with a tree, a snow scene or a pile of gifts instead.

Religious cards — While your friends may celebrate Christmas, some of them may not be remotely religious. That is why, if you are not sure someone has the same religious beliefs you do, stay away from an overtly religious card and stick with pretty or cute instead.

Christmas cards from your local area — Many people do not even consider sending cards that depict their local area.

If you have snow-covered mountains, extravagant Christmas lights or even a beach for a non-seasonal approach, consider buying cards that show off how lovely your part of the world can be.

Should you be politically correct? — Political correctness surrounds Christmas to such an extent in America, some people worry about sending Christmas cards at all. After all, your friend or family member may be Muslim, Buddhist or atheist and may be offended by receiving a card from you.

Is this actually true? Or is it something the news media has been reporting on with not much evidence to back it up?

In most cases, sending Christmas Cards at Charity Greeting Cards to people who are not Christian is not likely to offend. Especially because all the card really means is a wish that they have a nice holiday season.

If you are in doubt, though, choose one with the more universal message of ‘Happy Holidays’.

Personal messages — Regardless of the type of Christmas cards you send, remember a personal message written in all of them often means more to the recipient than any photograph on the front.

Think about what that person has meant to you throughout the year, what you wish for them in the coming year and how much you care about them. Then write a message in all your Christmas cards that sums up your feelings, and lets them know how much you care.

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